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Hooked on Evidence
The Hooked on Evidence database includes extractions of articles related to physical therapy interventions that have been entered into the database by volunteer contributors. The extractions are not peer reviewed. Because Hooked on Evidence is a continuous work in progress, the database may not contain extracts of all articles published on a given topic. The database does not include practice guidelines, systematic reviews, articles on diagnostic and prognostic tests, or outcome measures.
Accessing Hooked on Evidence
Effective December 2012 - New Login Process:
  • APTA members and others who may already have APTA website username and passwords may access the database by logging in through the APTA website.
  • Non-APTA members visiting Hooked on Evidence for the first time will be asked to create a username and password in order to search the database. This will be the username and password they will continue to use every time they visit Hooked on Evidence.
Note: If you have previously logged into either the Hooked on Evidence or APTA websites and do not recall your login information, please try using the "Forgot your Password" feature on the login page to request reset instructions. You may also contact APTA Member Services at 800.999.2782 for assistance.

*If you are not already logged in or need to create a new user account, you will be asked to to do so.

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